Welcome to the website of the Eurythmy Therapy Association.

We are the professional Association for Eurythmy Therapists working in New Zealand and Australia. We aim to be the portal for current information about eurythmy therapy and its registered practitioners, and to facilitate and support research, communication and education about therapeutic eurythmy in these countries.

Eurythmy Therapy is a comprehensive movement therapy aiming to restore a state of health and wellbeing to all aspects of one’s being.

Eurythmy therapy is a recognised therapy in the field of Anthroposophical Health and Medicine and the Association is registered with the

International Eurythmy Therapy Forum (Internationales Forum Heileurythmie)

International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine (IKAM) based in Dornach, Switzerland.
As part of this registration, member eurythmy therapists can also become accredited Anthromed® practitioners fulfilling the pre-requisite conditions for qualifications and ongoing professional development.

The Anthromed Library is a good source of further information about anthroposophical medicine and therapies.